Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Hello again! Considering May is almost here, I knew I was way overdue for an update! I have lots of pictures. But, before cutting right to the pics, there are two big pieces of news to share. #1 - Our newest niece, Alexia Lee, was born in the early morning hours of April 14th & Sara, Jeff, & Sammi (along with all of us) are so happy she is finally here! #2 - We found out back in February that our second little one is also another little girl! We have decided to name her Hannah Jane Runyon. The Runyon family started out as all boys and is now being taken over by girls!!!!! :)

Okay ... on with the pics ...

First up ... Isabella's "school" had a trike-a-thon to raise money. As you can see, they were allowed to ride in anything that moved & Isabella's legs were still too short at the time of this event for her tricycle. So ... we went with the princess car ... so appropriate

As you could tell from the last post, the start of the year was filled with snow days for us. On February 11, I took Isabella to see her first movie to get us out of the house (no worries - by that day, the main roads were ok). We saw "Gnomeo & Juliet" ... pretty cute

The following week was Valentines Day & there was a party at "school"

Her daddy sent her flowers to her classroom (the card says "My Little Valentine, Love Daddy")

Our next big adventure was in March. It was past time to get rid of the beloved "paci." At age one, we restricted her addiction to bed and nap time. We swore we would get rid of it before age 2. Age 2 came and went and we knew it had to be done well in advance of having a second baby in the house. So ... we told her that the baby animals at the zoo needed her pacis (she loves animals) and since she was a big girl, she didn't need them. We promised if she helped us give them away she could have whatever she wanted from the toy store as a gift for being so nice. So ... the Saturday morning came & we went on a "paci hunt" and gathered up every single paci we had & put them in a big box. She helped me wrap it and off we went.

My mom, Isabella's "Cinni", went with us too ... Brad was the photographer

She did great at giving them up ... until nap time that afternoon. She wanted to go back to the zoo and get her pacis back! Well, it was a rough few days and nights ... but, we got through it! The next pic is of me at 20 weeks ... that would have been around spring break ...

And ... then ... we can't leave out pictures of our niece's birth. Miss Alexia Lee "Lexi" is just a doll!

The next pics are Easter & Disney On Ice. The Friday before Easter, Isabella had an Easter party and an egg hunt at school. It was very cute. Then ... we took both Isabella and her cousin and BFF, Sammi, to Disney on Ice. They were so excited and had such a great time. We loved being able to spend time with them.

Easter Morning ... Egg hunt at Church ...

Then over to spend time with the Runyons and "the Greeks" ...

Cousin fun!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter. We did! We feel so blessed!

Loves to all

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